Walk in Faith and know you are not alone

It can be scary time to be pregnant when it isn’t planned or when you are young and unwed. But a degree of doubt and anxiety is a natural response regardless of age or marital status. It is normal for the first-time mom or dad to feel overwhelmed. The same pressures can fray the nerves of parents with more than one child to raise as well.
By and large we fear what the future might hold. Through faith we can overcome what we don’t know. The road ahead can seem long and dark when you feel lonely and afraid. You are not alone. Warriors are here for you at Tomorrow’s Hope; to fight for you or to hold your hand. They are here to shine a light on the path. We’d like to give our sons and daughters the world. The truth is, if we had to wait to have a child until we were rich or ready, then most of us might not ever have one.

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