Truth about Inhalants

Inhalants affect your brain. They can cause irreversible physical and mental change before you even know whats happening. Inhalants affect your heart. Inhalants starve the body of oxygen and force the heart to beat irregularly and more rapidly. Inhalants damage other parts of your body. You can experience nausea and nosebleeds; develop liver, lung, and kidney problems; and lose sense of hearing and smell.It can also lead to muscle loss if used over an extended period of time. Inhalants can cause sudden death. You will die by suffocation, choking on your vomit, or having a heart attack.

Before you risk your life:

  • Stay informed
  • Be aware
  • KNow the risk
  • Look around you

Know the signs:

  • Slurred speech, drunk ,dizzy, or dazed appearance
  • Unusual breath odor
  • Chemical smell on clothing
  • Red eyes
  • Runny nose

This article was written and published by Cheryl Connor. Cheryl has since retired, and all posts she created have been associated with Jenifer Whitemire.