Are you a teen and thinking about having a baby?

First you need to know some facts and really think about the consequences of having sex. Sex is not for having fun. It is for creation of a child and should be taken very seriously.

Teen parents would tell you to think about what you do before you do it and wait until you are older. Here are the top ten reasons they give for waiting:

1. Wait until you have the money to take care of a child; things will be alot easier for you.

2. You’ll be able to save for things you and your child needs.

3. Your relationship may not be ready to add a baby to the mix.

4. You need to finish your education first.

5. Your baby will have a better chance of good health.

6. Your family may not be supportive.

7. Babies grow up and become a lot of responsibility; its not just about cuddles anymore..

8. You’ll have more choices about your future.

9. You may be a better parent.

10. You’ll have time to be a teen.

This article was written and published by Cheryl Connor. Cheryl has since retired, and all posts she created have been associated with Jenifer Whitemire.