How can I survive my teens pregnancy?

Hearing your teen is pregnant may feel like you have been hit square in the face with a 2×4. The shock and pain can leave you feeling dazed for a while. She may have been your model child, your spirit-filled child, one who would never “mess up.” You will go through some major changes yourself, raging emotions and grief. You may feel discouragement. What did I do to deserve this heartbreak? You may feel guilt, shame, or need to blame someone else. These reactions are all normal. But, these reactions wont help your daughters situation. You need to take some time, step back and think about how you will respond. The first words you say to your daughter will be remembered for a long time.

You need to assure your daughter you love her. Yes, you are disappointed and hurt, but she is still valued. Sit, cry together, talk and begin making plans to help her and her child. Plans can change but you got to start somewhere.

Just remember your daughter needs to make her own decisions so she needs to be informed of her choices and what to consider in making them. You can’t do it for her because it could cause a forever wedge in your relationship. She needs to know her options. When a young woman is pregnant outside of marriage, there usually are no painless solutions. Any decision can cause problems and heartaches.

We are here to help, to give her informed information and assist her. We are trained in counseling unexpected pregnancies. The clinic and all our services are free.It’s a confidential environment. We are equipped to educate you and your daughter throughout her pregnancy on topics related to pregnancy, parenting, and adoption. We can also assist at times with maternity clothes, baby clothes, and furniture. Developing a relationship with a counselor/mentor can provide them with dependable long-term services. We can also give necessary referrals as need; such as legal help, medical help etc. We can help them get a Doctors appointment quicker than they could get one on their own. The first trimester can be very stressful in an unexpected pregnancy and we can help relieve some of that stress. Give us a call we can offer help to you and your daughter.. 731-642-0600

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