Broken People

It is not the healthy that seek a doctor but those that are sick physically or emotionally.

Everyone on this earth has dealt with some kind of hang-up, hurt, or bad habit in some form or fashion as a member of the human race. None of us are immune. Some of these things we bring on ourselves and some of our hurts are caused by others.

Happiness and joy are possible, but we each have to choose to attack the issue head on and make some changes. We have to learn to take responsibility for our choices and choose to respond accordingly in order to fix things. We all need fellowship and accountability.

If you are ready to make some healthy choices and begin to heal from some of your past choices, then you have come to the right place. We would love to be able to help you, whether its from an addiction, post-abortion trauma, domestic violence, abuse, depression, sexual addiction, and/or infertility. Tomorrow’s Hope is here t help you. We offer non-judgmental compassion and unconditional love.  Call us at 731-642-0600

This article was written and published by Cheryl Connor. Cheryl has since retired, and all posts she created have been associated with Jenifer Whitemire.

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