Am I ready to be a Parent

If you may be pregnant or just found out you are, one of the decisions you must think about within the next few weeks is whether now is the right time for you to be a parent of a child. When we consider parenting we should also consider adoption. The same is true if you are considering adoption. We should look at both and really consider the pro’s and con’s of each.

Below are a few questions to ask yourself as you make the right decision for you. Know what you want and not what others think.

  1. What do I want out of life?
  2. Can I handle a child and a job and or/school at the same time?
  3. Am I willing to cut back on my social life and stay home with my child?
  4. Can I afford to support a child?
  5. Do I enjoy being around kids?
  6. Will a child make my life happier or miserable?
  7. Do I have good family relationships?

Being a mom is one of the greatest things you can ever do. But becoming a mom too soon can be very difficult- for you, for your child, for the dad, for other family members and friends. Yu must be willing to make some changes. There will be physical changes. You need to learn to eat healthy, avoid tobacco, alcohol and other drugs while pregnant. There will be physical and emotional pain involved; are you ready? Can you afford to support a child? Are you prepared for a 24 hour-a-day, seven day-a-week responsibility? Is your current relationship ready for a child? What do you want from your life?

Being a mom is a great thing but wait to have sex until you are ready for a child. Sex can be a wonderful thing. God created it for procreation. It’s not something to do just for fun. Make sure you are in a healthy marriage relationship before you choose to have sex and possible bear a child.

If you do find yourself pregnant though and are not ready to parent a child there is another choice. Think about adoption. There are many families out there that either can’t have children or they just want to expand their family through adoption. These are tough questions and the decisions are not always easy but you can do this! Consider the option and find the answer that best works for you.

You’re welcome to contact us and set up an appointment with our Nurse or with a counselor to help guide you in your decision making. 731-642-0600

This article was written and published by Cheryl Connor. Cheryl has since retired, and all posts she created have been associated with Jenifer Whitemire.

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