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Silence the Shame Part 1

Share the journey of Jesse, Israel, and Missy as they share part of their stories. Take note of the resources that are available for you or someone that you love. You are not alone. Contact us if you would like more information or would like to speak with one of the people featured. #silencetheshameTN #mentalhealthawareness

Think You Could be Pregnant?

Have you noticed that your monthly period is late or it seems shorter or different from usual? It could mean you’re pregnant. There are several early symptoms you can check for: sore breasts, cramps and backache, implantation bleeding or spotting, being tired more than usual, darker looking nipples, nausea and vomiting, bloating, going to the […]

What do You Need when You have a Crisis Pregnancy?

When faced with a crisis pregnancy and you don’t know what to do; you need trustworthiness, a good listener, non-manipulative, accepting, truthful, person without an agenda who keeps confidence and will not judge your circumstance. You need someone who is genuine and not trying to be someone they are not, a person of integrity. You […]

Crisis Pregnancy

Every crisis pregnancy is unique. Yet there are always certain emotions that seem to be common. Emotions such as fear, desperation, anger, loneliness, disbelief, abandonment… Stop! Take a breath and talk to someone who is not in the middle of the situation; someone who can be objective and give you clear advice and choices that […]

Calling all Pro Life Supporters

When looking for ways to  support the work at THPMC, is an excellent way to financially support the clinic as well as show others wherever you travel that you are a supporter. As you travel in your hometown or out of town, your “Choose Life” plate will tell the world that you support the […]

Tomorrow’s Hope Pregnancy Medical Clinic’s 1st Blog!

Hi everyone! This is Tomorrow’s Hope Pregnancy Medical Clinic’s 1st Blog! Today is March 5th, 2018, and I’d like to tell you about how I’m going to start trying to do weekly blogs on Mondays this year! Be sure to checkout our blog, as well as our social media to stay updated! Share with your […]